Definisi Syariat, Tarekat, Hakekat dan Ma’rifat

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FALIHMEDIA.COM – Syariat, tarekat, hakikat, and ma’rifat are four terms that refer to different aspects of Islamic spirituality and practice.

Syariat refers to the Islamic law, which is based on the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad. It encompasses all aspects of Islamic practice, including worship, ethics, and social interactions.

Tarekat refers to the spiritual path that leads to the realization of God.

It is a system of spiritual practices that are designed to purify the heart and mind and to develop a closer relationship with God. Tarekat is often associated with Sufism, a mystical tradition within Islam.

Hakikat refers to the ultimate reality of God.

It is the understanding that all of existence is a manifestation of God’s divine attributes and that the purpose of human life is to recognize and realize this reality.

Ma’rifat refers to spiritual knowledge or gnosis.

It is the direct knowledge of God that comes from a deep spiritual experience.

Ma’rifat is considered the highest stage of spiritual realization and is often associated with Sufi saints and mystics.

In summary, syariat pertains to Islamic law and practice, tarekat pertains to the spiritual path to God, hakikat pertains to the ultimate reality of God, and ma’rifat pertains to direct spiritual knowledge or gnosis. (Neng Fitri/Falih Media)


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